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Why were these men were so crucial to the success of the church and Catholic faith? What did their biographers emphasize as the most important characteristics of holiness? What makes them saints? What were the best ways to serve God? What lessons could be learned from their lives? What does this tell us about Christianity in this era? Please don’t use any paralyze. You will have to buy the book and here what you will need to include in the paper. your presentation of a significant and clearly stated argument/interpretation on the first page (b) your presentation in a concluding paragraph is a clear summation of your argument and the supporting evidence. This does NOT simply mean repeating your introductory paragraph

2) Evidence – (a) the development of your argument in a persuasive manner through the body of your paper by mustering evidence found in the assigned books (b) your demonstrated understanding of the information in the book (c) your use of at least THREE supporting quotes, well chosen and set up with a lead in phrase

3) Writing – (a) your command of grammar, spelling and clarity of expression in your sentences (b) your ability to arrange your sentences into coherent paragraphs with an effective TOPIC sentence (c) your ability to develop your argument through a series of paragraphs that flow logically from one to the next. and please cite all works you got from the book