(Easy Money) Write a response paper covering WWI- women and chemical warfare

“Write a response paper covering the assigned reading/movie three references to the week’s lecture to help you provide your assessment of the significance of the reading and what it tells us about science during war” Book chapter attachedlecture on- WWI and chemical warfareIt needs references to the lecture given.Will attach the transcript of her lecture.make sure your paper addresses:1) the author’s argument; 2) the evidence the author uses to mount this argument; and 3) how successful s/he/they is in convincing you. 4) How does the reading build on/ add to what was discussed in the lecture regarding science during war? The writing should be clear, organized, proofread, and professional. Your paper should make it clear that you have actually read/watched the assigned reading/movie and listened to the weekly lecture.her lectures are basically just facts about the topic.