Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” if the narrator had an iPhone was song would he listen to

One narrative approach enables the story to be told. The learning goals of this assignment are to understand how the story (each student selects one of the three assigned stories to discuss) is conveyed to readers and how best does that method of narration achieve its desired purposes (does it succeed or not as an interesting story). The way students approach this assignment is through the music that the storyteller would have selected if he or she has an iphone. In effect, choose one of the three possible stories for this assignment and identify what music the storyteller would listen to if he or she had an iPhone (in the story).In the first paragraph, identify the storyteller. Is it a character, persona, narrator, pseudonym, or voice of the author? Relate details of plot information to the storyteller’s music and argue convincingly how they fit together. Choose no more than two songs, and perhaps one is better, for an 800-word essay. Obviously, essays will vary considerably from story to story and from student to student; moreover, in the introduction and thesis statement, mention the story, author, and storyteller as well as the music that connects the person telling the story to music and to the storyteller’s experiences.