Effect of Poverty on education

Essay Assignment: Poverty –1. Read the article Whose Problem is Poverty?2. Conduct a search using the Hiebert Library or Google Scholar for two peer-reviewed articles on poverty and the effects on a child’s educational success within the past 5 years.3. Using information from all three articles and the videos from this week, write an essay on Poverty in Education.
Some questions to ask yourself as you do this research are:What are the effects of poverty on students?What are the effects of poverty in schools?What can teacher’s do about poverty in education?How do you help these students?What barriers can teachers remove for students in poverty?
Submission Instructions:Your submission should be well-written and meet the following requirements:The two peer-reviewed articles you find must come from educational journals or publications.• Be 750 words minimum plus a title page and a reference page.• Uses APA styleTo submit, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add submission.”Submit your assignment using the following filename structure:YourName_AssignmentName/number_LA381_Date (Esau_2.5_LA381_7121)Note: This is a Turnitin Assignment.Grading50 points possibleEssay Assignment RubricDue Date & Time