Endocrine Disruptor

After completing some initial research into the health risks unique to endocrine disruptors, you should explore a particular situation. In other words, complete a case study on how the public health community handled a particular situation.
For example: The Water Crisis in Flint, MI or Hoosick Falls, NY. OR Lead Paint exposure in Rochester, NY
a) Peer-reviewed sources – google scholar, Department of Environmental Conservation, EPA, CDC or the Journal of Environmental Health would be good places to start. 5-6 peer-reviewed/scholarly sources to support your writing. APA style citations.b) Specific health risks – related to the particular chemical. You could also consider routes of exposure and exposure pathways. Communicate in a clear and informative manner.c) Connect to deeper course themes – what stands out to you? The risk of specific vulnerable populations? Does environmental justice apply here? why or why not?d) Consider that public health decisions rely on both human evidence (from epidemiology) and animal evidence (from toxicology) to clarify the health effects of toxic exposures. Each provides valuable information, and each has both advantages and disadvantages. Please compare and contrast the two kinds of evidence, and explain their relative merits.e) Final product should include 4-6 page scholarly report.