Energy Expenditure Calculations & Nutrition Analysis

There are two parts to this assignment. Within each part, there are multiple activities to complete. Show your work/results neatly. Remember you can complete as an individual or small group of 2-4 students. But everyone submits the completed assignment. List Team members if you complete as a small group.1. Estimated Energy expenditure + BMI calculations (see text and lecture notes)2. Nutritional analysis (using Supertracker tool or another program of your choosing)Below are the details of a moderately active female and one full meal that she has consumed. Use the information provided below on ‘Jane Doe’ to aid in your energy expenditure and BMI calculations. You will need to input the contents of the meal into the SuperTracker website or similar tool in order to obtain the necessary nutritional details from this meal to complete the assignment.Female ‘Jane Doe’ information150lbs5 ft 5 inModerate activity level45 years oldMealHamburger with mayonnaise on a bun (1 hamburger)Fast food fries (1 medium order)Ketchup (3 tablespoons)Beer (1 bottle/can)Part 1: Energy expenditure + BMI calculationsTo complete these calculations you will need to refer to the Spotlight On Metabolism and Energy Balance in your textbook (or Chapter 8 for older editions), reputable websites, and your notes from lecture. These types of questions will likely show up again on exams in lecture so be sure to take the time to master these topics. Of course, this is estimated TEE. Use Jane’s data posted above to calculate.1. Total energy expenditure (TEE)You will need to calculate Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), Energy (physical activity) and Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) individually. SHOW YOUR WORK for each of these four energy calculations to demonstrate how you arrived at your answer for TEE.REE =Energy (physical activity) =Use 55% of REE (1.55) for this calculation (middle of the range for moderately active individuals)TEF (estimated) =TEE =2. What would happen to her TEE …. (Complete a and b)a.) If her activity level increased to very active? Show your work again for all calculations.*Note: use 75% (1.75) of REE when calculating Energy (physical activity)b.) If her activity level decreased to sedentary? Show your work again for all calculations.*Note: use 20% of REE (1.20) when calculating Energy (physical activity)3. Body mass index (BMI)Calculate ‘Jane Doe’s BMI. Is she underweight, overweight or ideal?Part 2: Nutritional AnalysisUse the Supertracker website (or another site/tool) to input the contents of the meal above. Next respond to the following questions.With the nutritional information obtained from Supertracker/nutrition tool calculate the following:4. What is the percentage of FAT, PROTEIN, and CARBOHYDRATES in this entire meal?Show your work for all steps for each macronutrient to receive full credit.% Fat of the meal%Protein of the meal%Carb of the meal5. What is the total amount of sodium for this meal (provide in mg or grams)