English Composition- Final (Compare and Contrast Essay)

Outline format given would have to be used and followed.
The only sources that would be used are the two essays that will be given. (no outside sources)
Both essays offer perspectiveson the uses of and views of paid work in contemporary society.Please write a unified essay that compares and contrasts what each writer is sayingabout paid work in contemporary society. What conclusions do the authors draw aboutwho does what kind of work and how we, as a society, value work both in the present-dayand in the past? What are the larger, moral implications about paid work raised in the twotexts? How are the texts asking us to reconsider our own views of work? Be sure your thesisstatement includes the main similarities and/or differences between the two texts, and whythose similarities and/or differences are important.Please be specific in your answer, drawing on the texts to support your assertions.You should use relevant quotes from the texts to strengthen your arguments and includecitations. Remember to proofread your work.The main focus of your essay must be the two texts.