Epidemiology: Define Your Population and Selected Problem

Collect and then refine health data about the issue that affects your population group. You will use scholarly professional literature to support your ideas about the population at risk. If data is not available for your population on a local level, then use county or state data. Some examples of health data that you might consider gathering are epidemiologic information related to health conditions, reproductive outcomes, causes of death, vital statistics, socioeconomic data including poverty and/or educational levels, quality of life issues, and/or lack of access to health care due to lack of health insurance or access to providers. You will want to compare local data with state and national trends to fully understand the extent of the selected problem in your community.Your response to the following:Describe the specific health problem and population you have selected.What data did you find to support your decision? Refine and clarify the problem and population.What useful health data and public health websites did you locate to support your position?What other evidence did you find? You can include scholarly articles in this discussion.


What are the lessons in this movie about living life to the fullest and what it means to live a “good” life?

Describe and support a position (values, attitudes, beliefs) on the issue, provide examples supported by current literature.

Write an words reaction paper on the book Ivtzan, I., Lomas, T., Hefferon, K., & Worth, P. (2016).

What was the national identity and united goals of the colonists during the 1760s-1790s? H

Write a policy position briefing paper about incarcerated families

What generalizations can you make about the role of cultural competency in public health practice?

ow does Price Elasticity effect organizational decision-making?

Discuss the American two-party system.

Write an essay addressing these questions:
What failings in Congressional oversight of FEMA were found following the response to Hurricane Andrew in 1992?

Discuss the Effects of Gun Violence in Chicago” in black communities.