Ethical Issues In the Big Data Industry( analyse NIKE company)

Ethical Issues In the Big Data Industry( analyse NIKE company)Please answer the following questions.Be sure to ANALYZE the case – don’t just repeat facts. Assume that your reader already knows the facts.However, be sure to cite evidence to support your argumentUse quotes minimally, but be sure to cite the source if you do use quotese.g. “the separate and distinct firms in the Big Data Industry work through agreements to produce a product” (p. 69)Please remember the rules regarding plagiarism
Case questions:Harm can potentially be caused by both incorrect and correct data. How is this possible? Provide examples of each.What negative outcomes can be caused by turning predictive algorithms loose on Big Data? Do developers of these algorithms have a moral obligation to object to potential harm that might be caused by their algorithms? Why or why not?How can secondary markets affect the primary Big Data market?What are the ethical expectations that organizations should have on their upstream Big Data suppliers?Provide three examples of positive outcomes fostered by Big Data that are not included in Table 1: Examples of Beneficial and Questionable Uses of Big Data. These will be your own examples. Explain why your examples are positive.