Consider Camus’ notion of “The Absurd Hero.”
Given the text’s discussion of this “Heroic” figure–do you think “The Absurd Hero” is a “reasonable solution” to life’s absurdity–as Camus understands it?
example work: In the article it stated that Camus showed his perspective with “the Absurd.” He believes that the existence of humanity “is involved in a kind of ‘paradox’ or irony: There is an irresolvable conflict between (a) our human aspirations to inexhaustibly hanker after answers about meaning and (b) the intractable silence with which our questions are met (that is, the utter indifference of the universe to our “need” for answers).” Personally, I do not think that “the Absurd” is a reasonable solution to life and should not be used as a model for human living. I do not think that there is a meaning to our existence and I don’t see a reason for the way things are the way they are. I don’t believe that one should live their life finding the reason to why they exist but rather they should enjoy the fact that we do exist. In the theory of infinite universes, there must exist a cosmos in which there exists no humans. Our universe could have easily been that.
Example work 2: I think that “The Absurd Hero” from the Greek myth of “Myth of Sisyphus” and even he’s being punished by the Greek gods for rebelling and he’s told to push a heavy rock up from a steep hill, but the rock rolls back onto the bottom of the step hill and Sisyphus has to repeat the process over again and even though he’s just doing a impossible and repetitive; because no matter how many times you roll a heavy rock up a steep hill, it’s bound to roll back down to the bottom of the steep hill no matter how many times you’ve pushed it to the top of the steep hill. However, I believes that the absurd hero is a reasonable solution because even though that heavy rock that Sisyphus is pushing it looks like it’s impossible to keep it on the top of the steep hill so it doesn’t roll back down to the bottom of the steep hill. If Sisyphus has the perseverance to continue pushing that heavy rock to the top of the steep hill; eventually he will succeed in keeping the heavy in place on top of the steep hill.A lot of the well-known people that brought important changes to our society of the U.S. like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, and Cesar Chavez, the changes that they’re bringing into our society was not an easy task. They never succeeded in their first attempt, but they never gave up after their first failed attempt to change the inequalities for the minority people like the Mexicans and the black people. They all persevered all the way to the end and eventually made important changes to our society from equality for all black people, outlawing racial segregation from out society, and equality and better and safer working conditions and environments for the Mexican workers.