Ethnic Studies final paper

5-7 page (double-spaced) paper reflection of what was covered in class.
• Write about topics that compelled you to reflect on life situations or were of interest to you. Perhaps there were compelling facts revealed in the textbook or the videos that were new to you. Begin with an introduction regarding what you learn in class that serves as a road map for what you will talk about. (5 points)
• You are required to use at least 5 vocabulary terms from the chapters in Schaefer. Do not use common words such as racism, discrimination, minority group, ethnicity, culture, and other ordinary terms. Make sure to provide the definitions for the terms within the essay. Use the vocabulary terms when writing your paragraphs on chapters and videos. Vocabulary terms must be underlined or in bold font. Please make sure this occurs when you copy and paste your essay. (15 Points)
• Please write a combination of at least 3 different videos and chapters from Schaefer. [2 videos and 1 chapter or 2 chapters and 1 video]. Each should be at least 500 words. Remember, you can discuss more, but 3 is the minimum. Please write about each in separate paragraphs. Use headings (45 points). Please reflect on:1. Why you chose that video or chapter.2. What you learned3. Main point(s)4. Interesting facts
5. Importance of the article or video content.
• Conclusion: How, if in any way at all, has taking this class enlightened you and changed the way you think about your and other ethnic groups and race relations in the United States. (10 points) – at least 500 words.