Evaluate and write about the affect of ‘fixed’ mindset or ‘growth’ mindset on self-esteem.

Social Psychology: Reading Reflections 2
This week we study the self. Please answer the following questions.

1) How does the self develop? Where is the ‘self’ in the brain?

https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnhum.2013.00472/full (Links to an external site.)

2) Self-esteem is one way we evaluate ourselves. It predicts many positive outcomes. Evaluate and write about the affect of ‘fixed’ mindset or ‘growth’ mindset on self-esteem

https://fs.blog/2015/03/carol-dweck-mindset/ (Links to an external site.)

3) How does a fixed vs growth mindset affect sports performance?
Here is one example
https://gmb.io/confidence/ (Links to an external site.)

4) Give a specific example of how you would coach a sports team (you pick the sport)—and use a growth mindset.

Does a fixed vs. growth mindset come from parenting?
Give a specific set of guidelines for raising children with a growth mindset.

https://www.mindsetworks.com/parents/growth-mindset-parenting (Links to an external site.)

5) Give examples for changing a fixed to a growth mindset in adulthood. Describe how self-discrepancy theory could be used in therapy to reduce anxiety and reduce depression.

Some help: https://psychology.iresearchnet.com/social-psychology/social-psychology-theories/self-discrepancy-theory/ (Links to an external site.)