Evaluation Argument Essay

For your third essay, you are asked to review or evaluate any written, shown, presented, or performed “text” of your choice. You may pick any text to evaluate, but you must know about, or be willing to researchabout, the text’s generic (genre) requirements. Here is the definition of genre (from Bing): “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.” You might read that again.To illustrate the concept of genre, think about movies. Some film genres are comedy, horror, science fiction, romcom, animation, etc. When you pick a text from a certain genre, or category, you need to know what is expected for that category. And sometimes, determining the genre that the item belongs to can be tricky … . For instance, take a look at the description for the movie Cowboys and Aliens. IMDb(Links to an external site.)says it is in the “Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller” genres, but Rotten Tomatoes(Links to an external site.)says it fits in the “Action/Western” genre. When you choose an item to evaluate, you must also choose which genre you believe it belongs in (mostly, at least), so you can judge it against appropriate criteria or standards.In order to be sure, you can often find help from others who have already evaluated the item your are looking to judge. So you will likely do some light research to complete this essay, “Googling” some previous reviews or evaluations.