Explain how artfully Updike arranges details to set the story in a perfectly ordinary supermarket.

2. Respond with higher-order critical thinking to the following prompts about “A & P” by John Updike.
Noticehow artfully Updike arranges details to set the story in a perfectlyordinary supermarket. What details stand out for you as particularlytrue to life? What does this close attention to detail contribute to thestory?Howfully does Updike draw the character of Sammy? What traits (admirableor otherwise) does Sammy show? Is he any less a hero for wanting thegirls to notice his heroism?Whatpart of the story seems to be the exposition? Of what value to thestory is the carefully detailed portrait of Queenie, the leader of thethree girls?Wherein “A & P” does the dramatic conflict become apparent? What momentin the story brings the crisis? What is the climax of the story?Why, exactly, does Sammy quit his job?Does anything lead you to expectSammy to make some gesture of sympathy for the three girls? Whatincident earlier in the story (before Sammy quits) seems aforeshadowing?Whatdo you understand from the conclusion of the story? What does Sammymean when he acknowledges “how hard the world was going tobe…hereafter?”What comment does Updike—through Sammy—make on supermarket society?*NO LIMIT ON WORD COUNT. AS LONG AS ALL QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED*