Explain how Confucianism would help you decide what to do

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info she gave us-DirectionsPart of what made the Holocaust so atrocious is that it took a world of silent bystanders who either acquiesced or at most said nothing in order for it to work. For example, various countries including the United States had knowledge of Hitler’s treatment of the Jews but did nothing until its inhabitants were affected. When we reflect on the treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust, we often blame the Nazis but while Hitler gave orders many civilians followed those orders and many others said or did nothing. Still, there were some who dared to go against the status quo. Hiding a Jew or the other minorities sought out by the Nazi regime was a criminal act and put your own family in danger. Many would like to believe that they would be so heroic as to hide someone in need but many were not. In fact, many gave up the location of those whom they discovered. They were law abiding and many had no idea what their fate would be, once discovered. Today, it is a criminal act to hide an illegal alien. One may argue that they do not face death in a concentration camp but the reality is that you do not know what will happen to them and the conditions many face is similar to internment faced by the Jews. For this forum, imagine that you have just discovered that your classmate is an illegal alien and has been living in the US as an undocumented resident for some time. In this post, imagine you have been approached by an investigator who is searching out illegals.
How Al-Ghazali would help you decide what to doHow Taoism would help you decide what to doHow Confucianism would help you decide what to doWhat you believe I should do based on what you have learned and your personal experiences(for personal experiences just make anything up!)