Explain how health IT governance being used to ensure that the requirements of the Affordable Health Care Act are being met, implemented, monitored, and maintained?

Topic: Governance, Compliance, Health PolicyAlthoughhealth IT governance is a relatively “new” concept, the demands for thisexpertise are vast and the needs are immediate. Healthcare reform isone example. How is health IT governance being used to ensure that therequirements of the Affordable Health Care Act are being met,implemented, monitored, and maintained?Elaborate on a scripture reference related to the discussion content.Threadmust be at least 300 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge.Each thread must include a Scripture reference and at least 1 citationin current APA format, 7TH edition.


Identify which statistical test you would use in conjunction with your selected research design from DQ 1 to evaluate the outcomes for your evidence-based project proposal and explain why you selected this test.

Explain whether you would select a qualitative or quantitative design to collect data and evaluate the effectiveness of your evidence-based practice project proposal.

Discuss whether that strategy is successful including your rationale.

What elements of this expansion can be identified as part of previous patterns?

Describe how cultural influences impact development throughout the lifespan (birth – middle adulthood).

Explain how you would explain the authors’ definition of economics, scarcity, and their important relationship.

Describe the communicable disease, incidence world-wide and in your community (go to your county’s public health website and research incidence of diseases), agent characteristics, environmental characteristics, signs and symptoms, treatment, and as a public/community health nurse how would you educate the public about this disease.

Write a letter to the Regional Minister through your local assembly telling him innovative ways, waste materials can be managed effectively and identify any other challenges and it’s related solution that can be addressed by the local assembly.

What is the authors view, and could it be applied with Robinsons views and or Craig Bensons views on sustainability methods and
development agenda in an attempt to solve your chosen issue ?

Explain in detail four sensory changes in late adulthood.