Explain how important it is to incorporate self-care in everything you do.

Watch examples of a ‘rant’ video performed by RickMercer:

Ø how important it is to incorporate self-care in everything you doØ why it is important to critically examine your assumptions regardingindividuals or groups that are dissimilar to yourselfØ ways that we can tackle the stigma of mental health and be more supportiveØ how gender and sexuality differ and why this is important to understand3 Build a script that provides thecontext and/or description of what is currently happening, regarding your topicand message, and what you feel (strongly) needs to change. What does this newchange/vision bring to society? What evidence can you cite/share that givesyour argument credibility? How will society benefit from your ‘new way ofbeing’ (e.g., open-minded, accepting) or ‘becoming’ (e.g., an ally, anadvocate, a listener)?
Gold Standard
Reached 50% or less
Reached 51-60%
Reached 61-70%
Reached 71-80%
Reached 81-90%
Reached 91-100%
Topic and message are provocative and educational; directly relevantto course content
The message has more than eight pieces of evidence that strengthen itscredibility
Presentation is compelling, creative, and fascinating to watch
Video was 2:00 mins in length
Ranter demonstratedcompassion, respect, and awareness re: diversity, equity and inclusion
/12%Final grade