Explain how might the possession and accessibility of firearms differ in an urban environment versus a rural environment vs a suburban environment?

Choose one of the (3) schools and one of the (4) topics listed below.For this assignment, YOU MAY CHOOSE THE LEVEL: EITHER Elementary OR Middle OR Secondary.Review the conditions for your school below and create a presentation (e.g., ppt., prezi, slideshare, Powtoon, etc) which is appropriate for the topic, conditions, and school level.Complete your presentation as indicated by maximum point values:A title slide/screen with (1) the name and level of your school and (2) your name. 2 pointsLevel appropriate content for ALL aspects of your given topic in the context of your school’s level and identified demographic needs. 30 pointsAt least 10 slides/screens in addition to your title slide 5 pointsAt least 1 video related to your topic 3 pointsAt least 6 graphics/photos that relate to content 3 pointsSeparate slide/screen with citations in APA or MLA format 2 pointsCorrect use of standard written English and spelling 5 points
NOTES: As you think about your school, carefully consider the details in the description. For example, consider the issue of firearms. How might the possession and accessibility of firearms differ in an urban environment versus a rural environment vs a suburban environment? Are gangs more likely to be a problem in elementary school, middle school or high school? Are students from a lower income background more—or less—likely to have access to technology? Which students are likely to be bullied in a school? What age group of students are more likely to be bullies?
Submit your presentation as your assignment AND post to the discussion.
identifying the importance of safeguards in the use of technology (mobile devices, student records, cyberbullying, teacher use, student use)2. VIOLENCE IN SCHOOLS
understanding the importance of the legal principles governing search and seizure and use of force by educators and law enforcement.understanding the importance of gang prevention and resistance programs.identifying the importance of weapons detection and prevention programs.3. ACTIVE AND POST THREAT PROCEDURES
identifying the importance of emergency response procedures.identifying the importance of coordinated relationships between schools and local law enforcement agencies.identifying the importance of victim support services.4. THREAT PREVENTION
understanding the importance of campus and building patrol.understanding the importance of visitor and volunteer screening.describing the purpose of student hall pass procedures.
1st Avenue (Elementary/Middle/Secondary) Charter School
694 students
Title I (All students get free lunches)
Located in a metropolitan urban area
10% Asian; 25% Hispanic; 20% African American; 35% White; 10% Other
22% families in transition (e.g., without a permanent home)
19% students with special needs
44% single parent homes
31% ELL representing 9 different countries
Shady Lane (Elementary/Middle/Secondary) School
467 students
40% students get free lunches
Located in a small rural community
5% Asian; 20% Hispanic; 30% African American; 30% White; 15% Other
no families in transition (e.g., without a permanent home)
23% students with special needs
30% single parent homes
10% ELL representing 3 different countries
Westside Academy Prep (Elementary/Middle/Secondary)
348 students
Private School
10% students on scholarship
Located in a suburban area outside of a major metropolitan area
20% Asian, 35% White, 25% African American, 15% Hispanic, 5% Other
No families in transition
15% students with special needs
10% single parent homes
no ELL students