Explain how tax avoidance differ from tax evasion?

Explain how tax avoidance differ from tax evasion? Perform a quick web search using Google or your search engine of choice using the NEWS tab. Browse through the results and search for an article that catches your interest. Give a quick summary of your findings, be sure to include the web address and cite your source!

A note about grading: Your post should be free of grammatical/spelling errors and include several full sentences (at least 3) to receive credit (review the points system for discussions on the syllabus). Please label your responses and paragraphs to avoid run-on sentences. After posting your answer, read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts asking questions or adding to their answers. Be sure to include only positive and constructive comments/questions. Always cite your sources!


  • Explain how tax avoidance differ from tax evasion?
  • What type of ad agency would you envision yourself, i.e., local, regional, national, international, full-service, small boutique, general consumer, business-to-business agency?
  • What observations can be made about your relationship to screens?
  • Write a reflection and critique of Campbell’s Lunenburg Letter.
  • What dietary changes would you recommend that could help to improve Mr. Reid’s blood pressure and his LDL cholesterol level?
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  • What are four major barriers to political participation third parties face in the American political system?
  • Discuss some of the reasons why we include methodological theory in our research?
  • What social, political, and economic issues have lead to/impact situations of police brutality?
  • Identify a recent (within the past 4 yrs) mid-size to large (>$250K) construction project located within the Mid Atlantic Region (NYC, New Jersey, SE PA, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC).