Explain metacognition and identify your own learning style.

Explain metacognition and identify your own learning style.Reflect on your own Multiple Intelligences profile and develop learning or study strategies that take advantage of this metacognitive knowledge.The AssignmentWrite a one page reflective paper that discusses your own metacognition. Explain how you think you learn best, and discuss your findings when you took the Multiple Intelligences quiz(INTRAPERSONAL). If you already take advantage of your learning style to succeed in school explain how. Also explain some strategies you could develop to do better in your studies based on what you have learned about your own multiple intelligences profile and metacognition. This essay should be no less than one page, double spaced, in size 12 font using MLA format. This essay is due no later than the end of week two. Follow the below instructions to submit this work.Grading CriteriaContent (the accuracy of what you say in the essay and how much you say) 80%Format (must be in MLA format to include having a works cited page) 10%Grammar (spelling, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure, etc.) 10%