Explain the difference between an inventor and an entrepreneur.

Question 2Explain the difference between an inventor and anentrepreneur.Question 3Write a paragraph explaining why resisting innovation cancause established businesses to lose employees that self-identify as corporateentrepreneurs.Question 4Define entrepreneurial effectiveness; then list at leastthree things that illustrate this in an entrepreneur.Question 5Why is a systemic approach to a feasibility study important?Question 6While conducting a feasibility study, an entrepreneur isusing an online search engine. Write an analysis on why they should use cautionwhen using this research strategy.Question 7When looking at information sources for a feasibilityanalysis, an entrepreneur wants to use publications. Provide an example of alikely publication and describe the information they could find here.Question 8Explain why researching finances is an important stage ofthe feasibility analysis and describe the areas of financial information mostimportant in the feasibility analysis.Question 9Describe examples of two natural and man-made barriers thatmay impact your ability to serve your customers. How and why are theseimportant to a feasibility analysis?Question 10Explain the opportunity rationale for an entrepreneurpushing into an overseas market.Question 11List all seven key actions forsuccessful international expansion. Define three from your list of seven.Question 12What is the build, buy or partnership decision? Define eachoption in terms of how they are linked to internationalization.Question 13Define and provide a specific example of political risk inan international business setting.Question 14Explain and provide a specific example of why internationalreputation management is important.
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Is it the public’s responsibility to use consumer products “as intended” or is it the manufacturer’s responsibility to warn against known dangers for any possible application of their products?

Discuss and provide a supporting example for each of the following methods of valuation: fixed price, multiple of earnings, return on investment, replacement value, liquidation value, excess earnings, and market value.

Describe three issues regarding General Motors discussed in the case that appears to be hurting its performance.

Discuss the future of nursing theory, your current practice environment, and how to best use theory in the future of nursing.

Discuss design methodology and the lean start-up methodology, which are contemporary methods of new venture evaluation.

Discuss about African American women in leadership positions in higher education.

Describe the attributes of a given data set using appropriate terms.

Write a paper about the ecosystems you have chosen and the species that make up these ecosystems.

What does it suggest about women’s ability to rise to higher organizational levels?

Write about the change in U.S. society, and discuss how this change shapes every aspect of society and human interactions.