Explain the difference between psychological tests and psychological assessments.

Provide short answers of 220 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 250 words for your response. Use PsychologicalTesting and Assessment Cohen, R. J., & Swerdlik, M.E. (2018). Psychological testing and assessment (9th ed.). McGraw-HillCompanies. ISBN-13: 9781259870507and any other scholarly resources (FROM GOOGLE SCHOLAR ONLY) to support your responses. Include at least three to four scholarly journal articles beyond the textbook and course readings.
1.Explain the difference between psychological tests and psychological assessments.2.Explain the significance of utilizing both psychological tests and assessments within the counseling field.3.Identify and describe the four different types of psychological tests discussed in Chapter 2 of the textbook.4.Briefly describe a historical overview of significant events that occurred during the development of appraisals within the counseling field.30980027 minutes agoTHERE IS A RUBIC ATTACHED TO FOLLOW AS A GUIDE.