Explain the purpose of your program, specifying the need for services.

The purpose of your Signature Assignment is to apply the forensic psychology diversity information obtained throughout the course to the development of a culturally competent forensic psychology program. Your program must address diversity, but you can choose which setting you want it to be implemented in. Examples include cultural diversity curriculum for law enforcement, culturally competent forensic interview format, remediation or intervention for a specific population (women, children, minorities, mentally ill, substance users, etc.).Your program proposal should:Explain the purpose of your program, specifying the need for services. Identifying a current gap in services may be helpful, or you can model your program off an already developed approach.
Provide background information (population served, problem it is addressing, etc.) about the program.
Describe the organization of the program. Who will run it? Where will services be implemented? How long is the program? Who is incorporated (parents, family, community engagement)? If it is an intervention, provide the structure of the sessions.
Develop a plan for implementation. How long will it take to implement?
Discuss any ethical, legal, and moral concerns that may ariseSupport your proposal with at least ten peer-reviewed references. Remember to incorporate your professor’s feedback from your outline submitted in Week 5 into your final proposal.Length: 12-15 pages