Explain the role, characteristics, and skills of supervisor

Final Report is your feedback, reflection, and relatability of what you learned through the course chapter reading, assignments, exercises, and videos as it addresses the CSLO’s
1. Explain the role, characteristics, and skills of supervisor2. Identify the principles of management at the supervisory level3. Explain the human relations skills necessary for supervision4. Explain the motivational techniques5. Cite examples of how motivational techniques can be used by a supervisor in a working environment.The Report must be detailed, more than two pages, typed single spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12-font, and taken from the course textbook. Conclude the report with:1. what didn’t you know before or2. you knew it before but understand better3. Agree or disagree with something you read.4. How can you relate to current, local, national or global business news. Give examples. Pay special attention to spelling, grammar, sentence, and paragraph structure. Include business terminology from what you read as you write your report.