Explain the significance of the slaughter of the Buffalo on the plains, from the 1850s to the 1880s.

Explain the significance of the slaughter of the Buffalo on the plains, from the 1850s to the 1880s. .5 pointsThe Civil War in Indian Country (2 lectures):What was Stand Watie’s rank in the Confederate Army? (2 words). .5 pointsHow many people died in Indian Territory during the Civil War? .5 pointsWhat were Abraham Lincoln’s reasons for authorizing/permitting the execution of the “Dakota 38”? What political calculations was he making and why? (minimum 50 words) 1 point.What did the Treaty of Fort Laramie of 1868 establish? (3 words) .5 pointsWhat were at least 2 factors which led to Custer’s defeat at Little Bighorn? .5 pointsWhat was the goal of the United States for Native Peoples during the Era of Forced Acculturation (1870-1920)? 1-3 sentences. .5 pointsReadings:In this week’s readings from Lakota Woman, “A Woman from He-Dog,” and “Invisible Fathers,” Mary Crow Dog writes in what might be considered as an overall tone of anger. Why? Why might Mary Crow Dog have had reason to be angry? Would you find anger justified as a response to the things she describes in these readings? Answer these questions and cite specific examples from the readings. 250 words minimum. 4.5 pointsIn the reading from Ojibwa Warrior, “At the Center of the Universe,” Dennis Banks wrote about his upbringing. In contrast to the readings from Lakota Woman, there is more of a tone of sadness than of anger in this reading. Why? Why might Dennis Banks have had reason to be sad? Cite specific examples from this reading. 250 words minimum. 4.5 points“All we wanted was peace and to be left alone.” ~Crazy HorseAnalyze and/or reflect upon the reported last words of Crazy Horse in this week’s primary document titled “I Have Spoken.” Make a connection, if possible, with another quite different tribe we are reading about: How might Crazy Horse’s statement above (“to be left alone”) relate in any way to early Lumbee experience, as described by Malinda Maynor Lowery? 250 words minimum. 4.5 pointsLecture and Reading:In at least 150 words, express your thoughts on and/or reaction to the Sand Creek Massacre and the accompanying article “My Great-Great Grandfather and an American Indian Tragedy.” How might you feel if, as the author Michael Allen, you discovered that your ancestor had participated in an event such as this? 2.5 points