Explain the topic in detail and the reasons why you chose this topic/issue (in your own words).

Low health literacy is associated with older people, having limited education, lower income, chronic conditions, and those who are non-native English speakers. Also, there is a number of other factors that might influence an older adult’s health literacy, including living in poverty, race/ethnicity, changes in cognition, vision problems, hearing loss, and disability. Low health literacy among the elderly is associated with higher hospitalization rates, an inability to manage chronic diseases, and increased mortality. Pick a topic/issue from the above examples of what could cause low health literacy in older adults. Write a scholarly paper on the topic/issue you selected.Paper Should Include:1. Pick a topic/issue from the above statement, that could be a factor in a decrease in health literacy in an older adult. Explain the topic in detail and the reasons why you chose this topic/issue (in your own words). Citations to support the reasons your topic could be a contributing factor to low health literacy in older adults.2. Research current and proposed legislation, laws, policies, and/or guidelines on a federal, state, and local level regarding the topic you chose to discuss in #1 above. Write up a minimum of three: legislation, laws, policies, and/or guidelines. One needs to be local in the community. You must state the name, year & describe in detail the legislation, laws, policies, and/or guidelines pertaining to your chosen topic. Basically, how is this legislation going to assist in increasing health literacy in older adults so they will be able to communicate successfully in a health care setting? Each should have subheadings (Level 2 APA heading). Citations to support your findings/data for all.Suggestion for local. Could use “Welcome to Manatee County” web site & use the search engine in the top right-hand corner.3. Write some interventions (minimum of five) with rationales, about the topic you chose, on how the older adult could improve their communication when visiting with a health care professional. The interventions are in regard to the health literacy issue you chose. Citations to support your data. Separate paragraph & a citation for each intervention.4. Give an example of your topic from a personal experience.Paper Requirements:Minimum of three pages not including Title page, Abstract with keywords page, and Reference page.Review Rubric to make sure everything is covered in your paper. Please note the number of points in each section of the rubric. The higher the number of points, the more information should be included in that section of your paper.The Rubric is located below the assignment in this module.Make a Heading for each of the four content sections above. Number 2 should have three Subheadings (level 2 APA heading) – one for each law, policy, etc.Follow APA format including Title page, Abstract page with keywords, and Reference page.Minimum of 2 references.Please follow the directions/instructions for this assignment.Please include the abstract