Explain whether the visual aids properly complemented the presentation.

Assignment:Answer these essay questions:Find a presentation on YouTube or other websites. Usethe information on presentations Chapter 5 to critique thepresentation. Explain whether you think the presentation was well plannedand organized and why. Explain whether the visual aids properlycomplemented the presentation. Describe what you would do differently.Include the hyperlink of the video in your essay.A new employee at your firm has come to you for help.Because her boss is on maternity leave, she must give the annual financialpresentation to the C level executives. Your colleague is very competentand knows the presentation’s information very well. However, she is veryworried about being able to deliver the presentation because she has neverdone so before. She has asked you to help her identify possible issue withdelivering the presentation and help her address them. Draw up a memo ofpossible issues she might face with regard to the delivery, and how shecan work to overcome them.Building on the scenario from Question 2, imagine thatsame colleague just found out her presentation is going to beteleconferenced to executives in the Japan and India offices.