Explain why it is important to train CBRN First Responders in WMD Planning.

This is a Rewrite / Write assignment .. I already have the question/ purpose statement and resources along with the teachers feeback from the first assignment that was 8 pages long. The bold text below is the write part of the assignment that is being added to the previous assignmentThe components of this assignment include your research question, a purpose statement, and a literature review from week 2.As a reminder, your Week 2 Assignment required:State your specific or combination of CBRN WMD that you want explore more in-depth that will generate new ideas for WMD planning (this is the start of the material for your research paper — due in week 6);
Offer a brief (one or two paragraph) purpose statement outlining your approach to the scenario and what you hope to show in your research;
Complete a literature review of six academic sources on the subject you plan to write on. At least 4 of the 6 subjects must come from peer-reviewed journals. Use APA style in listing your sources. This section WILL NOT BE GRADED again since feedback was already provided.In this assignment, you will complete your research paper adding the methodology section, findings & analysis, and conclusions & recommendations sections to the week 2 assignment.At this level, you are learning the core concepts of the discipline and you will produce a graduate level paper that presents a research “puzzle” relevant to the subject matter of this class. The paper will be no fewer than 15 pages, not including the cover page, the reference list, and any appendices.Technical RequirementsYour paper must be at a minimum of 15 pages (the Title and Reference pages do not count towards the minimum limit).Scholarly and credible references should be used. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content.Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space.Students will follow the current APA Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework.Points will be deducted for the use of Wikipedia or encyclopedic type sources. It is highly advised to utilize books, peer-reviewed journals, articles, archived documents, etc.All submissions will be graded using the assignment rubric.
Instructor feedback –There are some significant gaps here:There was not a singular complex research question presented. Rather a series of very short ones-I have fixed this and now there is only 1 questionThere is no conclusion of the Lit ReviewThe Lit Review few pieces of critical analysis.Within your Lit Review you should show a synthesis of information…..how? Here are a few recommendations which needed to be considered:•Determine what has already been written on a topic•Provide an overview of key concepts•Identify major relationships or patterns•Identify strengths and weaknesses•Identify any gaps in the research•Identify any conflicting evidence•Provide a solid background to your focus or investigation