Explain why you think the acquisition you are detailing potentially supports the strategic business goals of the organization.

In December 2020, Computer World listed the most significant IT acquisitions of the year as:• Vista Equity Partners acquires Pluralsight• Salesforce acquiresSlack• Facebook acquires Kustomer• Adobe acquires Workfront• Marvell Technology acquires Inphi• AMD acquires Xilinx• Twilio acquires Segment• Nvidia acquires Arm• Progress Software acquires Chef• HPE acquires Silver Peak• SUSE acquires Rancher• Uber acquires Postmates• Google acquires glasses maker North• Amazon acquires autonomous driving startup Zoox• Mastercard acquires open banking firm Fincity• Microsoft acquires CyberX• Cisco acquires ThousandEyes• Microsoft acquires UK based Softomotive• Facebook acquires Giphy• Microsoft acquires Metaswitch Networks• VMware acquires Octarine• Atlassian acquires help desk firm Halp• Zoom acquires end to end encryption specialist Keybase• Sinch acquires SAP Digital Interconnect• Intel acquires Israeli Startup Moovit• NVIDIA acquires Mellanox and Cumulus• Verizon acquires BlueJeans• Cisco acquires Fluidmesh• Accenture acquires Revolutionary Security• SoFi acquires Galileo• CNN acquires Canopy• DocusSign acquires Seal SoftwareYou are to choose one of the IT acquisitions listed above and write a paper that comprehensively covers the following (at minimum):1.Description of the merger/acquisition, including who, what, when, and cost.2.Purpose of the merger/acquisition what were the motivations/goals? Which of the following reasons for mergers and acquisitions were intended?• Increased capabilities•Competitive advantage•Diversification of products/services•Leadership change•Cost reductions3. The decision to perform an acquisition is heavily influenced by how it relates to an organization’s strategic business goals.Explain why you think the acquisition you are detailing potentiallysupports the strategic business goals of the organization.4. Risk analysis…risk analysis is a critical part of the acquisition process and is often not done very well. In researching the organizations involved in this acquisition, what are the potential risks involved?5. Current state of this acquisition…based on your research of the organizations involved, was the acquisition successful in meeting the motivations / goals?6. Read the article “Effective IT Purchasing” by Dana Barlow. While this Think Tank article is a little dated (2014), there are some current and relevant points that apply to IT acquisitions. Describe three points made in this article and how they relate to the acquisition you chose.