Explain your mixed methods for capturing the data for this study.

Format:8-10 pages (not including title and reference page)
Studentsshould begin work on this assignment as soon as possible in the semester, andfor the duration of the semester. This is a big assignment, therefore is beingdone in pairs – as often really good research is done. Class time will becommitted each week for you to work in pairs in consultation with yourinstructor – so attendance by at least one of the paired students is essentialeach week.Inpairs, prepare a mock research study proposal. In 8-10 pages, your researchproposal should read as if an actual proposal being submitted to an ethicsreview board. Your design must be mixed methods and the proposal must include allof the 7 components:1.A rationale forthe study: why is it important to study this issue? Use statistics and yourscholarly literature to tell the reviewers why your study is important to do.2.A literature review:synthesize at least 5-6 scholarly and peer-reviewed sources related to yourtopic and the importance of this knowledge as it informs your researchquestion.3.Research Question or Hypothesis: this is very brief and exact! Make sure to spend a lotof time here as the research question or hypothesis guides the entire studydesign.4.Research Design:Explain your mixed methods for capturing the data for this study. Explain yourdata collection methods. Explain your proposed sample. How will you recruityour sample? How will you control for any ethical considerations? Explain yourdata collection tools (e.g. standardized assessment tools? Focus groups? Etc.)– how many? When will you administer them?5.Special Considerations:If your research involves vulnerable people? Children? Indigenous People, makesure to discuss how you will ensure a social justice approach to your researchdesign as well as any ethical considerations.6.Limitations: Whatare possible limitations presented by your research design in terms ofgeneralizability or trustworthiness of its findings?7.Appendices: If youare using semi-structured interviews or focus groups, make sure to include atleast 5 of the sample questions you intend to ask of your participants tocollect data related to the research question.
Evaluation Rubric:
Rationaleclearly stated.
Literaturereview shows integration of 5 to 6 scholar sources.
Researchquestion or hypothesis is succinct
Researchdesigned is clearly discussed in detail (sample, ethical considerations, datacollection tools, administration, etc.) using a mixed methods approach.
Specialconsiderations and limitations are acknowledged.
Professionalpresentation (including spelling, grammar, and format), title page,appendices, reference page all in APA 7th edition.