Explain them, reflect on the concept(s) and then apply to your business organization or personal sustainability plan (PSP).

This assignment is intended to stimulate your thinking about the conceptual and pragmaticaspects of the assigned readings and discussions, and their implications for yoursustainability actions and orientation. There is one written reflections assignment covering thetext, Making Sustainability Work by Epstein and Buhovac. You are to address the majorconcept(s) for each chapter and introduction.For each chapter and introduction, you are to take major sustainability concepts, explainthem, reflect on the concept(s) and then apply to your business organization or personalsustainability plan (PSP). The paper should be 12-15 pages in length, not including the titleand reference pages; 1” margins and line spacing of 1.5. Follow APA style for citing sourcesand references, including the text.Your papers should not be simply a paraphrasing of the assigned readings. Instead, yourreflection should be your thoughts and opinions on the readings, the extent to which theyconflict with or corroborate other reading you have done or experiences you have had, theextent to which they have some utility for you (e.g., conceptual development, applicationpotential), and so forth.While you are required to explicitly focus on the assigned text reading, you are free to drawon other readings — from other courses, your job, personal reading – as you feel appropriate.The assignment is meant to stimulate your thinking of both the conceptual andpragmatic/applied aspects of the assigned course readings. However, contain yourreflections within the scope of the readings covered.