Explore the motivational factors that affected your consumer choices

The Case Assignment for this course will be a 5-8 page essay(excluding cover page and references). You should use a minimum of3-5 sources from the Touro Library in your Case Assignment.Please consider a particular product (ex. brand of bottled water, typeof lunch you plan eat, brand of laundry detergent to use etc.) you arechoosing to purchase on a somewhat regular basis OR a particularservice you plan to choose in the near future (ex. car maintenance,type of airline to use for a future trip)In your written Case Assignment, please address the followingcomponents:Explore the motivational factors that affected your consumerchoices (Module 2)Elaborate on the decision making process and factors that mayaffect your consumption choices (Module 1, Module 2, Module4)Explain why research is needed to understand people makechoices of what they consume (Module 3)Case Assignment Guidelines:Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in12-point Times New Roman.Your Essay should have a Title Page and References Page.Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammarmistakes.You must cite all texts used in the paper in proper APA formatto avoid plagiarism.Your essay must have a thesis statement and conclusion
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