fallacies, and/or ads, and/or conspiracy theories

Though all the essays are research papers in some way, they are really to focus of the critical thinking component. In other words, you’re not reporting anything, you are exploring the process of things, why you think what you think, and how your thinking process happens.The topic of this essay is on fallacies, and/or ads, and/or conspiracy theories. No restrictions on how you go about this.Oh boy…lots to write about. If subheadings help, use them! Break up the essay into different pieces if you want. If you get really caught, do it about several topics, like technology and something else. The main goal is to think about how you think about something. Really! Just go from one idea and follow it, explain how you got to the thought you have about it.All the pieces it takes to have a thought, your specific thought, takes a lot of input from a lot of different sources throughout your life. You know these things and come up with thoughts in a flash. This class is to slow those down so you can look at and analyze the process of your thoughts. Thinking about thinking. Whoa. Have fun with this:) It’s like the ads. You see them in a different way (or so many of you wrote), and this is no different. Look at something in a new way. Look at it from different perspectives and write it down. MLA format, of course, but how you fill that format? Let it go wild!This essay will be at least 1000 words (not including the work cited page) in its final form, MLA format, with at least 2 sources (work cited page not included in page count), Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced.