Family member interview : first job experiance

Below are the instructions to guide you with the assignment and to give you an idea of how the draft of the essay proceeds.
Talk to a female family member (mother, grandmother, aunt,sister, cousin, etc. about HER working experiences at a first, or significant, job. Answer thefollowing questions in some detail and in complete sentences. Allow your interviewee to talk.Let them share as much as they want. You can go back to ask about specific details, if necessary.Follow the sentence/question order, but allow space/time for long responses to individualquestions. Final result should be in essay form—NOT a numbered list.1. What was your first job (or the one you choose to talk about)? Include a brief descriiptionof where it was located.2.How old were you and what did you do (what were your basic duties)?3.What were you paid? Did your wages increase? Did you get promoted?4.What was the best part of your job? What was the worst?5.What were your co-workers’ names? Any interesting observations or stories about themor told by them? (work-related or not)6.What did that job make possible for you?7.Why did that job end (if it did)?8.Looking back, what did that job teach you about work/working? What did you learnabout yourself?