Feedback Worksheet and Student Goal Setting – Written Reflection

Feedback Worksheet and Student Goal Setting – Written Reflection

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This assignment is based on the analytic performance rubric developed in Module 2. This assignment has four parts: Student Self-Assessment: Create a way for students to use the feedback that they will be provided to set learning goals for themselves (i.e., add a column to the rubric for student self-assessment). These learning goals should be directly aligned to the standard and support students’ learning advancement to the next level on the performance criteria. Error Analysis Worksheet: Design an error analysis worksheet for students to use where they explain a skill or skills they are struggling with and strategize how to become more proficient on the skill and overall standard. Progress Monitoring Worksheet: Develop a way for students to track progress on their learning goals. Self-Reflection: Complete a 1-2 page reflection of your actions, including challenges and successes around your learnings from this week. Support your actions with 2-3 research-based practices and/or scholarly work. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references. Combine all four requirements into one document to submit for feedback. I will attach the rubric developed in week 2