Feeling & Healing (Therapy website)

Please leave a description of yourself for your audience to know who you are and what your service you will be providing. Please inform your readers you are not yet a licsened theapist and explain why they should still pick you as a therapis also include that you are a mandated reporter when they state they want to hurt they self or someone else?I am currently a Kacey licensed therapy in training who a Senior in College majoring in Psychology who wishes to future my education to gain a Doctorate in Counseling. Sometimes life can be tough. I am here to help you get through whatever is blocking your happiness, sense of calm and enjoyment of your life. Together we will work on gaining a better understanding of the difficulties you may be struggling with. My style is warm, nonjudgemental and down to earth. It is important to me that you feel heard and understood. My mission is to provide outstanding therapy for each and every one of my clients.
List all the sevices that you will providing on the website with a description of each? Please ensure thatyour description are full and professionalRefined Phone Call – here caller are able to make an appointment to speak with me for 30 minutes over the phone
New Leaf Text Message- Individuals will be able to text me for a full 1hr while I respond to them at a timely fashion