Field Trip: An Exercise in Biodiversity

Field trip submittals must include the following:
Identification of the site you visitedOne paragraph discussion (definition) of biodiversityBrief description of the facility you visitedIdentification of the five exhibits you found most interesting andwhy you found these exhibits interesting, you should include thescientific name of the organisms discussedPhotos of those exhibits that were discussedReflectionThe report should contain a minimum of eightparagraphs, one paragraph on each of the following: an introduction anddescription of the facility, a brief definition and discussion of thefacility, and one paragraph each of the five most interesting exhibits(including the scientific name of the organism), photos and a summaryparagraph containing a reflection of your experience. Don’t plagiarize,don’t cheat. I don’t expect to read identical papers. Reports will besubmitted through Canvas.
It’s a Virtual Field trip and this is the site for the source: