Final Report


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Building Materials and Theory of Constructions

The instructions are attached. I have answered some of the personal questions of the assignment for you to keep it going with the assignment. What was your most significant contribution to your employer? How will your contribution impact the employer’s current or future operations? My most significant contribution with my employer was setting up elevations for different structures such as walls and columns. This assignment was difficult because I had to figure out the elevation of concrete according to the drawings. The drawings and stake out plans gave me the final elevations for FF (Finish Floor) which is top of slab. However, I had to double check the drawings to find out the thickness of the slab + the curb that sits on top of my wall. I had to basically subtract both the thickness of slab and the curb thickness to find out my final elevation for the concrete wall. I also spent a lot of time looking at the drawings and laying out walls with corners and continuous walls. I also layout radios walls to meet the local requirements of space between walls for a parking. My contribution to my employer was very accurate and precise. My employer was happy with the positive results of the work done and the General Contractor was also happy for the work done. So I believe my contribution helped my employer to look forward doing business with the General Contractor. Which courses in your program at Montgomery College were helpful to your Professional Practicum experience? How and why? The courses that helped me the most were Estimating, Plan Reading, Scheduling and Surveying, these courses taught the knowledge to do the type of work I was doing because I had to estimate how much material we were going to use then schedule day and time for concrete and Plan reading and surveying taught me to do lay out and get elevations for the walls and columns. ( be creative please)