This is the final assignment for the course. It is important to keep in mind what was discussed in class about:The Whistleblower Protection Act, the Clean Water Act, and the basics guiding white-collar crime.
Proceed to answer the following and notice that all the questions are related to the film: “A Civil Action”. You can find the movie through Youtube: must answer the following well-reasoned.
1. As featured in the film “A Civil Action”; What did the criminal scheme of the legal person consist of? Value 15 points.
2. Did anyone take actions consistent with the protections provided by the act of whistleblowing? Who? How did they do it? Value 15 points.
3. Do you think that the behavior of the parents was correct by requesting an apology or should they have claimed more? Why? Value 15 points.
4. Did the lawyer proceed correctly, as a representative of the plaintiffs? Why? Value 15 points.
5. Do you think that the government acted correctly, in its regulatory phase, regarding the company? Why? Value 20 points.
6. What courses of action would you have implemented to prevent the company from carrying out the acts presented in the film? Be detailed in your answer. Value 20 points.