Financial statement

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:
Describe the purpose and function of financial management in an organization
You’ve been an entry-level financial analyst for six months. Your supervisor plans to fill another entry-level financial analyst position on your team. Your supervisor has asked you to create a job aid about the financial analyst role. The purpose of the job aid is to help the new hire move smoothly into the role. The job aid must describe the responsibilities of a financial analyst. It must also describe the impact the role has on a business.
Create a job aid for a new hire to an entry-level financial analyst position. Your job aid should be thorough. But it should also be easy to understand for someone new to the field of finance. You’ll use the Project One Financial Analyst Job Aid template (linked in the What to Submit section) to complete this assignment.
In your job aid, you’ll give a general overview of financial management and its importance to a business. Specifically, you must address the following:
Financial Responsibilities: Describe the responsibilities of a financial analyst.