First Writing Assignment Due 9/1/21 by 5 pmNot submittedDue September 1, 2021This intro for

First Writing Assignment Due 9/1/21 by 5 pmNot submittedDue September 1, 2021This intro for the assignment is longer than most, since its the first one.

What I expect:Double spaced, WORD document (or Google doc), font size 12. (see instruction on Moodle for creating a Word doc in Google Docs) Name your file as such, LastnameFirstinitialDatedue so next week would be FordB090121. 3 4 pages, not including references or cover page. More will not negatively affect you if you believe its needed to express yourself. Start with a paragraph stating in your words what you believe the issue is that we are discussing. Then give me a paragraph or two expressing your opinion and beliefs on why the issue is what it is, but without you knowing anything more than you know right now (pre-research)! Now do and show me some research. What did you learn? I want to see that you looked into the matter using multiple, reliable sources. If there are strong biases in some sources, be sure to find contradicting biased information to help create a balance and to be able to effectively see both sides if more than one side exists (it may not). I want sources either cited properly in and at the end of the document (does not count toward pages required) or through the proper use of footnotes. Dont guess how to use footnotes, look it up or ask me. Finish with your conclusion (solid paragraph or two). Tell me what YOU think the research shows. Tell me what you NOW believe the issue to be (is it bad law, bad policy on the lands, bad people, what?). Did your opinion or original feelings change? Finally, if you think change is needed, how do you think it could be effectively changed? Writing Topic for this week:

Your writing assignment has to do with the following regarding Native American affairs: Research the Major Crimes Act (1885), Public Law 280 (1953), the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010, the Indian Civil Rights Act (1968), and the Supreme Court cases of Nevada v. Hicks (2001) 533 U.S. 353, Hagen v. Utah (1994) 510 U.S. 399 as starters. Dont need to memorize any of them, just look and work to understand the main points and arguments and develop a general idea of the issues and their history. The questions involve the rate of sexual assault and/or murder of Native American women by non Native American men. Why is it what it is, what is stopping it from being lower or is it below average already? A few reasons for this COULD be that Tribal Courts (look them up, they are much different than U.S. criminal courts) are ineffective at addressing crime and punishment due to cultural beliefs. It could be simply due to a large number of non Native Americans having their way with Natives while visiting casinos or working on or near their land (pipelines maybe?). Or it could be because the current lawsdo not effectively protect them. If thats the case, whos at fault for the laws not protecting them?Is it Congress, the Tribal communities, or a combination? Do tribal communities even want our laws? Find your own research and documentation, but the below may be good starting points or at least provide some info beneficial to you. There are other resources available that will simply show crime statistics, such as the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the FBI.

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