Foreign Trade & Sustainability

Foreign Trade & SustainabilityYou can focus on several items such as the impact of foreign trade on:– Climate change– The natural habitat– The impact of the transport and logistic chain on the total CO2 emission of a product– …The structure should be as follows:1. Arguments that foreign trade is not helping in the strive for a sustainable planet. Baseyourselves on elements coming from minimum 3 reliable sources (1 point)2. Explain that foreign trade can actually help bring a sustainable planet, or is at least not as badas some critics say. Refer to minimum 3 reliable sources (1 point)3. Discuss recent actions and future plans developed by governments and/or companies toimprove the positive impact of foreign trade or limit the negative impact. List minimum 3actions/plans and point out who wants to achieve what how? What is the reaction by othergovernments/businesses/civil society. (1 point)4. Your own critical evaluation: is foreign trade a positive or negative contributor in the fight fora sustainable planet? Zoom out and put your findings in balance with other elements offoreign trade such as the availability and quality of goods, services and jobs. (1 point)5. Sources