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Literary Analysis Essay:• Choose one of the assigned literary texts and analyze one or more of its component parts (characters, setting, point of view, tone, writing style, and/or any other literary device)• Discuss how those parts contribute to the text’s overall significance or aesthetic value.• Specific evidence in the form of quotations from the literary text are necessary to support the interpretive argument.• This essay should focus solely on the literary text, so refrain from making personal connections or integrating research on the author’s biography or the text’s historical contexto This paper is worth 150 points: 25 points for conferences (minimum of two); 25 points for completed draft; 25 points for peer review; 75 points for completed, polished, final essay, written using MLA conventions.o Essay length (not including heading or works cited page) is 800 words minimum to around 1,250 words.• Please note: While writing about more than one literary element is allowed, you’ll likely be surprised about how much information you have and about how much you can discuss regarding just one element. Often when two or more elements are mentioned in an essay, it is due to one major element, such as theme, needs other elements, such as tone or setting, to help the theme be made known.


Explain why your essay responses should convey an accurate and current representation of yourself, your Christian experiences, and the relationship of future life goals to your study at Fuller.

Explain why Native American Mascots are not Racist Symbols?

What factors contribute to parents’ complicated grief in the case of suicide?

Explain how Chomsky’s propaganda model (the book, Manufacturing Consent, was published in 1988) applies to Moyers’ Buying the War (first aired in 2007).

Write a reaction paper comparing the video to what you have learned in this class and the book about the right to die movement.

Write an essay on either Shrek the Musical, Les Misérables, or Fiddler on the roof make sure the essay answer What did you hear and see?

Describe your ministry experience, including names and nature of ministry, dates/years and position.

Write about why the Trump Administration does not want the company to conduct business in the United States.

Write a paper on a economic issue.