GEO3421 term paper


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Term paper

Human geography


The Final/Analysis Paper:
For the paper, you will need to follow the format given below  in  analyzing  and  summarizing  the  components  of  the  research  article  about  which  you  are  writing. Remember that you are only using ONE article in the part of the project.  In completing the following format, you will need to read each section of the article you are using very carefully, possibly more than once.  Your paper should be at-least 6 pages in length (not including the Cover Page), you must follow the formatting procedure listed above, and you must submit your paper to the corresponding link provided in our course website, which corresponds plagiarism  detection  website and by  the  due  date. Note  that  plagiarism  will  not  be tolerated. If this or any other course assignment is plagiarized, you will earn an automatic failure grade in the course.
Follow the format carefully.  When you write your paper, divide it into clearly labeled sections using the headings included below.  In each section, be sure to address the questions fully by describing, analyzing and reflecting in the information you have gather. Any paper that does not include the required labels/titles will receive a 10-point discount in the final grade for this assignment.

Cover Page: Include a  complete  reference  of  your  assigned  article formatted  following  the samples provided.    Below,  include  the  following  information: Your Name,  GEO3421, Summer2021, Date Submitted.



How does the author introduce the article (for example, do they tell a story to situate the topic, or do they discuss other research, a media report, an event)?  How does the introduction frame the coming discussion and argument?
III. Argument
What argument(s)  does  the  author  make  in  the  paper  (for  example,  are  they  saying that  some  topic hasn’t been studied (enough); or, are they saying that if we study some particular issue/case it will change (or  reaffirm) how we think about some conception; or, are they  saying that if we bring in a different conception it will change the way we think about a particular issue/case)?

Structure of the Paper

How does the author go about making the argument in the paper?  What order do they present the information?  How do they layout the article?  What sections are in the article, and what points do they make in each one?  How do the sections build up to the overall argument?


In what literatures (both theoretical and topical) does the author situate their work?  What works do they cite, and how do they conceive what they are citing?  Note: Not every paper will have a specific section dedicated to literature review –they may be embedded in various sections of the paper.


How did the author go about collecting that information (data) used to support their argument?  Did they  use  interviews  (who, with  and  how  many),  participant  observation  (where  and  how  long), document analysis (historical documents, newspaper accounts, policy papers, etc.), or statistical data (gather by the author or some other entity) to name a few?  How is the data presented: is it woven into the text of the article, or is it presented in some graphic form (maps, charts, graphs, photos)?  How well does the data support the argument that the author is making?
VII. Conclusion
How does the author summarize their argument(s) one last time?  Do they hint at broader implications of their work beyond the focus of this article?  Do they make a call for more research in a certain area?
VIII. Bibliography
How many sources does the article cite and what types of sources are cited?  How many of the sources are books?  How many are research articles?  How many are other types of documents (popular media reports –newspaper or magazine articles, government documents, planning documents, etc.)?  How many are internet sources?  Does the author cite Wikipedia?