GEOL Earthquakes & Disasters

Write on any one of the following three topics in 1000 wordsDo you believe that if the US was built from scratch starting the year 1995 (digital era), our footprints on the environment will be any smaller? Why or why not?Do you believe new technologies will help or hurt the environment? Why or why not?Do you believe humans are influencing climate change? Why or why not? Why or why notSuggested template for your essayTry to keep the word count to ~1000Start with the first para with the sentence “I think that [name the topic] is important because … [put something in your words]. – ~100 wordsStart with the second para with the sentence “My reasons are driven by the following factors. First, the literature review. [Then discuss at least two articles that support your views and at least two articles that oppose it. This balance is necessary. A general internet search would help. I use Peer-reviewed journal articles are preferred but article from magazines like The Economist and Times and op-eds from reputed newspapers are acceptable.] – ~500 wordsSecond, rationale. [Come up with at least two logical, data-driven arguments in support of your view. The data can be from the papers that you have cited above but the interpretation should be yours. Don’t be scared to interpret. You will be surprised at how much you already know. Find one logical, data-driven argument opposing your view. Data can be from an article above but the interpretation should be yours. You may provide additional data from a reputed source and your interpretation]. – ~200 wordsStart with the third para with the sentence, “Finally, according to my judgment… [Here you can put your thoughts and finally conclude with a few closing sentences]. – ~200 words.