global perspectives and embassador teacher

Respond to four essay questions and share specific examples of how you:demonstrate your passion for sharing global perspectives in your classroomembrace the Participate Learning mission of uniting our world through global learningact as an ambassador of culturesembody the global competenciesimpact your students, colleagues and beyond[For DL Teachers] implement the dual language teaching practices in accordance with your school’s specified modelTake into account that I am an international teacher from Colombia South America. Teaching Spanish in Kindergarten in a full-immersion program.
As an educator, how have you made a positive impact (in the areas of global learning and/or dual language) in your school community?
Consider your work with students, colleagues, and families.
Why are you passionate about being a Participate Learning ambassador teacher and/or a teacher in a partner Dual Language or Global Leaders program?
Include what you consider to be your greatest achievement during your time teaching in a school that partners with Participate Learning
How have others contributed to your success as an ambassador, global, and/or dual language teacher?
Remember to tell who these people are and the impact they have had on you. Include any other organizations or communities you are a part of that also contribute to your leadership and success
How do you engage with the Participate Learning network or othereducator networks?
Think about any activity in various communities of practice, events you attend, ways you share your experience and ideas with others, how you connect with fellow educators, and any other examples