Hate Groups that Sponsored Colleges

Hidden History PaperThe field of history, like the field of education, is open to new interpretations as cultures, voices, and scientific studies changes our understanding of the larger world. As such, there are historical areas of higher education that merit further exploration and engagement. As such, this assignment will ask you to propose an area of historical exploration that you feel would benefit existing dialogues about the history of the field. You may choose to think of areas such as personnel that worked on campus that may not have had their history explored or to focus on the role that certain courses played in the history of education. You could choose to focus on alumni populations that are understudied or look at products aimed at educators in history. Whatever your choice, you will write up a 10 to 12 page (excluding citations and cover pages) proposal arguing that this element is understudied in the canons of the history of higher education while demonstrating historical evidence of why this is important. In determining a topic of interest as a form of “hidden” history, you should cite as one source the text from this class, even if it is just to point out elements that this book ignored. The instructor will provide feedback and possible other sources for this final paper as part of a discussion topic.