Health Behavior

Health Behavior Change ProjectIn this class, health behaviors are a theme – including how we eat, how much we move, whether we use substances (alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs) that may compromise our health, and whether we engage in risky behaviors. One of the main questions in the field of Health Psychology is why people choose to engage in behaviors that can lead to poorer health, and why we do not engage in other behaviors that may actually prevent the development of illness/injury.For this project, you will a) identify a behavior change that would contribute to your health (e.g., exercising regularly, eating more fruit, better stress management, quitting smoking, etc.) and b) develop and implement a 6-week program targeting that behavior. Your program should be tailored to YOU and must be guided by aspects of at least two health behavior change theories/models discussed in your textbook (see Chapter 3). You will NOT be evaluated in terms of your success in achieving your behavioral health goal, but in terms of your understanding of why you were or were not successful.You will write a paper describing your program and results. Your health behavior change paper should:– State the behavior you wish to change and state your short-term and long-term goals. Be specific!– Describe the context in which the behavior occurs. Under what conditions are you most and least likely to engage in the behavior you wish to change? What situational and personal factors tend to increase/decrease the behavior? What are the barriers to and facilitators of behavior change?– Discuss aspects of at least two health behavior change theories/models used in developing your health behavior change program.– Fully describe the health behavior change program you implemented (must have a duration of at least 6 weeks). What strategies did you use to alter the behavior?– Use graphs or a recording system to monitor the behavior and any other pertinent conditions (e.g., antecedents and consequences of doughnut-eating).– Analyze your behavior change attempt, focusing on what worked and what did not. What would you do differently? What factors do you believe contributed to your program’s effectiveness/ineffectiveness and which might have made the program more effective?The health behavior change project is worth a potential total of 120 points. It is important that you tie your topic to course content, referring to the book and course material. Additional references (e.g., articles in scientific journals) are notrequired, but are fine to include and should conform to the style of the American Psychological Association Publication (APA) Manual, 7th edition (2020). Check these websites for more information on APA style: will submit a paper of 6-10 pages, typed (12-point font) with one-inch margins and double-spaced.