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This competency assessment assesses the following Outcome(s):

Communicating Health Care Policy and Explaining Health Care Delivery Systems

Unit outcomes addressed in this assignment:

Compare health care access in the United States to another country.
Course Outcomes practiced in this assignment:

HS230-3: Compare the United States health care delivery system in contrast to other countries in regards to health care access.

PC 4.3: Apply concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change.

You are the CEO of a health care facility and you are presenting a PowerPoint presentation in a speech to your employees explaining how healthcare is delivered in the U.S. compared to other countries. You will need to:

Create a PowerPoint presentation that you will be presenting to your employees. It must include 10–15 slides and at least three references.
Compare the United States health care delivery system to one other country in regards to health care access, wellness, and prevention programs.
Provide a recommendation for how health care policy-making can be improved to have the best approach possible to help patients.

Choose a theme that does not distract from your slides.
The slides should be visually appealing. Use pictures, graphics, charts, or other visuals.
Put very few words on the slides. The wording (your narration) should go in the speaker’s notes. Do not write a paper on the slides!
Be sure to have citations where needed.
Include a title page and a reference page (in APA format).
Submit to the unit Drobox.

To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted project.