Healthcare Disparities and Social Environmental Aspects of Lower Class Citizens

SPSS analyses will include entering data related to your research question and more specifically the IV and DV that will approximate what you are likely to find if you were to carry out your study (e.g., mean differences, variability, and sample size). That is, you will have to create an SPSS data file with fictitious data and use three different analyses. Submission will include a brief write up to include an abstract, SPSS output, and graphs.Required to carry out three different analyses based on materials and specific types of statistical analyses (Priori Power analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis, and one-way analysis of variance). For example, you might want to look at the impact of loneliness in first year college students before and after an intervention in which you are interested in the intervention works better in males or females. Based on your literature review, you will have to input fictitious data into SPSS; however, it has to match that of the literature in terms of effectiveness, variability, and sample size. This data should be similar to what you would be collecting if you were carrying out an actual study.Template provided in attachment. Do notwrite personal feelings or adgendas.Sources provided in attachment (literature review)Other information related provided in attachment